Minicave-Festival 2021 @ Triptychon Münster

**Deathrock, Postpunk, Minimal, Batcave, New Wave**

Minicave-Festival 2021

Line up:
ZUG – Zona Utopica Garantita
Werther Effekt
The Doctors
The Last Days of Jesus

Marc Zimmermann
Bunkdersyndikat (Mo and Uschmar)
Nina Door and Friedi
….and who knows who else might be on decks as for surprise 🙂

We can´t wait to welcome and having a good time with you again ❤

* 38€
* Only Pre-sale!
* Write an email to with the full name of all participants you want to order tickets for. We send you an email with the bank account to pay the ticket price. Afterwards you’ll receive a confirmation email you have to print and bring to the entrance. If you cannot come to the festival, you can give your ticket to another person. Please tell us the name of the new ticket owner beforehand (for our list at the entrance).

* Doors: 17h
* Begin: 18h

COVID Regulations:
*We ask everybody to show an official negative 24h COVID test (also vaccinated person). Unvaccinated person has to bring a negative 48h PCR-Test. We also have to hold a contact list of all participants for the medical authorities up to 4 weeks after the event. Afterwards all contact data will be deleted. The Triptychon has a new air condition with hepa filter and virus killing UV light. With all these precautionary mesaures let’s have a save and great night together.

Further notice:
Actually we experience fake events which copy text and pics of original events but it’s from fake facebook pages (they probably try to post some fishing links to get your data or money). Also be careful for fake ticket reselling. If you’re in doubt if it’s a real person selling their ticket to you, contact us. We have to change the name anyway.

MinicaveLiveStream plus Live-Acts and more

We are streaming live out of Triptychon!!!

As clubs are having a really tough time at the moment the Minicave-Team and friends want to support Triptychon with this streaming event so that we can have lots of good upcoming times together in this incredible venue.
More details where you can donate are coming soon.


Ultrasound (NEON Transmissions)
Neon Waves (UNTER NULL Kollektiv, Neon Transmissions)
Friedi (Minincave, Kadeadkas, Ghosts of Dawn, Atomic Neon)
Nina Door (Minicave)

Mängelexemplar + Hagen Hoffmann from VVL

Interview with Sven from Dark Life Experience

YouTube Livestream

……….let´s see if more is going to happen 🙂

Black Forces On Air

Die BLACK FORCES DOMAIN wird nachgeholt als Online-Event live aus dem Triptychon mit zwei virtuellen Floors!

FLOOR 1: – All kinds of Metal feat. DJ Ralf (Ex-„Götterdämmerung“) & DJ Flo (Hair Nite Out)

FLOOR 2: – Gothic, Wave, EBM & more feat. DJ Niggels, DJ Lord (ex-„Gegenlicht“) & DJ Chris (Tanz der Vampire Party)

Spendenkampagne zugunsten des Triptychon e.V.!