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Gothic Pogo Festival 14.666 – Live Stream

21. Mai 2021 @ 19:00 - 24. Mai 2021 @ 5:00 CEST

💀 Three days of Madness with your most beloved DJ*s and Live Acts!

💀 We’re super excited and happy that we will be hosting this event together with our beloved Mutant Transmissions and Unter Null Crews, who will bring you special live performances and DJ* sets from all over the world!

When :
💀 Friday 7pm – 1:30 am : Mutant Transmissions Special + Afterparty!
💀 Saturday 1:30 am – 8pm: Dead Tracks Team
💀 Saturday 8pm: Gothic Pogo DJ*s & Friend*s
💀 Sunday 6pm: Unter Null Special

FB Group:


💀 Friday 7pm: Mutant Transmissions Special

Line up:

▶ Hammershøi (France)
â–¶ Gertrud Steins New Project Tanz86 (UK)
â–¶ Nao Katafuchi (Germany)
â–¶ Neue Strassen ( Mexico)

â–¶ DJ Polina Y (Belgium)
â–¶ Oberst Panizza (Germany)
â–¶ Yami Spechie (Peru)
â–¶ Vox Sinistra (USA)
â–¶ Ludi Oktokreuz (France/ Germany)
â–¶ Cold Experiment (Japan)
â–¶ Nao12xu (Japan)
â–¶ Dr. Gregor Giesing (Germany)
â–¶ Woodraf (Poland)
â–¶ TLV Undead (Israel)

💀 Saturday 1:30 am – 8pm: Dead Tracks Team ( Paris, France)
â–¶ Dead Tracks Team Fundrising To Support Indigenous Peoples During The Current Humanitarian Crisis In Colombia
Because of the difficult situation that Colombia is going through nowadays, which gets worse every day, we want to reunite to help, especially the #indigenous communities fighting for their rights in Cali.
To do so, we are #crowdfunding in order to send money for food, medicine, clothes, and others to the Mingas in the Front Line that defend their cultures and territories from the government’s narco-fascist policy, invasion, and murder. If you want to contribute you can go to this link and make your donations. More information about the event and the crowdfunding coming soon!!!

Please, share! Thank you!!!

â–¶ Law & Haktion (France)
Dark flamingos playing silly wavy electronics in Miami since the 80’s
â–¶ Radio Terror (France, Colombie)
Selector Set from Bogota, Colombia: Anarcho-punk, post-punk, queer, dark wave, electro-clash, latino punk, nostalgic horror. Check some playlist demos in – And a bit more of the deal on
â–¶ Chouchou Champi (France)
Wawazawa DJ in her bathroom since 1985.
â–¶ Venus Fatale (France)
Unclassified ecstatic sound
â–¶ William Unpleasant (France)
Dis-organizer and music breaker of Punk and Dark stuff since 2001 in Paris
â–¶ Klischee (France)
Members of the Post-punk band Katkab & Plomb
â–¶ Nash (France) : Post-punk, Goth, synthwave & batcave Dj in Paris since 1999, member of the Post-punk band Plomb
â–¶ Dasz & Moonhiy (France)
internationalist synth-pop conspirationnists hiding somewhere in Paris
â–¶ Fabrice Frustration (France)
Wishes of Deconstruction for Hymns of Construction. Member of the Post-Punk band :
â–¶ Al Niklaus (France / Berlin)
Tech Noire / Forensics Paris # Night Shift Berlin
â–¶ Hades Moon (France / Berlin)
Soundscapes from the underworld
â–¶ Adory & Meuns (France)
one of Hydropathes’s Records looters duo, they comes from the bottom of Parisian’s squats and afters. Their style oscillates between big dancy bangers and licked selection. Specialists in dancefloors and tireless, they can keep the audience in a trance for hours. They also have a live project using ableton and hardware.
â–¶ Traurig Lustig (France)
What naked feet want to dance on in dusty nettles?

Bands :
▶ Usé, solo love song indus (France)
Eating a bowl of nails with a pinch of cinnamon february the 14th. A raw romantic rhytmic wich Will cuddle bruises on your heart. Usé is the founding member of Headwar and a member of Hache tendre, Yvette etc (liste des groupes).
Lp « chien d’la casse », born bad records, 2016. Sold out
â–¶ Les Morts vont bien, broken electronic Waltz (France)
In french or german, the noisy duo summons beauty sometimes straight out a morose tumult. Nico and Krine are also members of Krinator, Badaboum, usé (+ listegroupes nico).
Les morts vont bien, 12´´, label Brique & c’est du tofu, 2011
â–¶ Froe Char (Special Live-set from Brussels)
As a fragmented stone, Froe Char is melting multitudes of sound-scape universes: dark-noisey atmospheres, grimy ebm, ghosty synths and mesmerizing vocals. Deep into a solipsistic valley to dance, scream and fight !!!
▶ Les fantômes du soir (France) Cold/darkwave
â–¶ Ame de Boue (Live) The nocturnal sound work of Parisian musician Dasz Kowalski wears an expansive palette of musical styles, combined to form an exotic gestation ripe with darkness. A sound journey akin to a walk in the existential garden of being. Human voice versed in various tongues with organic and electronic accompaniment. A strange neighbor to the worlds of Pop and Wave. A soul of mud in the garden
â–¶ Sydney Valette (Live)
Through a varied and progressive career spanning several styles of electronic music, Sydney Valette upholds the highest levels of vision and discipline. His wide-ranging catalog–including the latest ‘Brothers’ EP is impressive and addictive.
▶ Jessica 93 (Live) is your little sister who’s mixing the 90’s Shoegaze sound with the 80’s cold wave spirit, like you draw Barbie doll a mustache or put Ken a fancy princess dress.
â–¶ Simon Mino (Live), the singer of Swedish post-punk band RA.
After moving to Paris in 2018, Minó hastily started working on his own songs due to his relocation from his hometown of Malmö and his band. This solo venture took a more defined shape with the encounter of french synth-wave artist / producer Sydney Valette.
Sonically Minó’s music is clearly finding its own place amongst the contemporary Scandinavian electronic scene. Laying out melancholic landscapes with spellbinding melodies, framed by solid and throbbing beats, the whole instrumental being adorned by deep and nostalgic vocals.

💀 Saturday 8pm: Gothic Pogo DJ*s & Friend*s
Detailed Line-Ups will follow 🙂

💀 Sunday 6pm: Unter Null Special

â–¶ Lower Synth Department
â–¶ Qek Junior
â–¶ Infant Sanchos

â–¶ Neon Waves
▶ Teabeeé
â–¶ Dejan
â–¶ Ben Bloodygrave
â–¶ Uschmar
â–¶ Neon Cultist
â–¶ Cavey Nik
â–¶ Mr.URNs
â–¶ Mrs.Pinkeyes
â–¶ Linearnetrik
â–¶ Ultrasound
â–¶ Carmenasita
â–¶ Special Guest: The Friedi


21. Mai 2021 @ 19:00 CEST
24. Mai 2021 @ 5:00 CEST
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Ich gebe keine Garantie auf Richtigkeit der hier aufgeführten Veranstaltungen.

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